Rumors About Baron Palace


Baron palace is located in Cairo Egypt in Al_Orioba street.

One of the very mysterious places in Cairo,,, stories were told about this palace since it was built,,, and people started to spread a lot of rumors about it, some people believe that they are real stories and some people don’t.

Baron palace was built on September 20 1852 by the engineer Edward Empain, who moved to Egypt and admired it and stayed there until death. 

He built a special room that rotates so that the sun shine goes in all day for his sister who had a skin disease.

After Edward’s death, the palace stayed abandoned for many years until Egypt considered it as a historical place that should be a museum for everyone to visit.


Most of the scary stories that was told about Baron palace by the neighbors is that they constantly hear loud voices of people talking and screaming inside and hear noises of moving furnitures everynight, and they say that they saw the lights of the back yard turn on and off although there was no one in the palace not even a guard. 

Those stories are spreading around the palace because of the long time that the palace was abandoned so they believe it’s a haunted place, plus the death of his sick sister, and him trying to communicate with her after she passed and allowing spirits in.

Most people believe these are real stories, but a lot of people think those are fake stories made by neighbors just because they know that the place was empty for long time so it was a chance for ghosts to haunt it.  

In the late 90s some teenagers used to sneak in the palace to practice some kind of magic things, but the police officers around this area knew about it and they kicked out everyone inside and the government hired a guard to keep everyone away from sneaking in.    


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