Dracula The Impaler


Count Dracula is Vlad Tepes the Prince of Wallachia, he was born in 1413 and died around 1477.Vlad used Bran castle to fight Othmans,,, and he did love his country and was against the Turkish invasion.


 The castle is located in Bran, Romania, which is known as Dracula’s castle it’s now a museum opened for tourists to visit and enjoy the art inside, it’s one of the most famous places in Romania, and it really does attract a lot of people from all over the world.

Vlad “The Impaler” used to be a very strict ruler and he scared a lot of people, they gave him the name Dracula after his father “Dracul”.  

The Irish writer Bram Stoker got inspired by Dracula’s story and he wrote the very famous book Dracula,,, but he didn’t show the real story of him,,, he showed him as a Vampire, it was a fantasy story but yet interesting.

However there is a movie that almost showed who Vlad Tepese was but again added some extra details that Vlad had to turn to a Vampire to have enough strength to fight the Turks, and it was titled as “Dracula Untold” which is a good name because it somehow showed the audience who Dracula was.

Some people believe that Dracula’s castle is haunted based on what they know from history or just because they know that Vlad was extremely strict and he enjoyed watching his victims die, and enjoyed impaling them slowly as well. 



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